Welcome to Wellness Holding.
A single-family office born to build a better future.

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Our core

Established by the Alessandri family, Wellness Holding adopts a multi-strategy approach to backing and investing, focusing on ethical opportunities conceived to boost the quality of our lives through technological advancements.


We invest in the ideas of talented entrepreneurs

Collective wellbeing lies at the heart of our existence.
This is why Wellness Holding seeks to invest in forward-looking entrepreneurs, whose ideas are born to better human lives.


An investment ecosystem made to accelerate your success

As a private family office and investment company we are committed to cultivating every one of our partnerships as a precious seed of future success, offering a global network of possibilities in the Wellness and Technology sectors.


As human wellbeing grows, we grow

From global trend to way of life, the Wellness world appeals to us in many forms. We concentrate our investment power on concepts and ideas that contribute to innovation in a variety of Wellness-related sectors.


From diversity to

At Wellness Holding we are conscious that meeting the ever-changing needs of diverse audiences is key. Investing in Growth industries is yet another way for us to achieve our primary purpose: pursue entrepreneurial savoir-faire at 360° to continue evolving the quality of our lives.


A selection of the partners that Wellness Holding has invested in to achieve its mission.

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