A wellness philosophy rooted in history.

Our heritage
The company essence

Wellness Holding is the private single-family office and investment company of the Alessandri family. It is committed to the sustainable ownership of value-creating businesses, with a specific focus on the Wellness industry and a select number of Growth industries.

Wellness Holding is headed by Nerio Alessandri, founder and CEO of Technogym, the world-leading brand involved in the development of wellness-oriented and fitness solutions.

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A story of innovation and technology


The birth of our vision

Almost forty years ago, in the small Italian town of Cesena in 1983, Nerio Alessandri founded Technogym with his brother Pierluigi, at the age of twenty-two, conceiving the first fitness equipment designs in the family garage. A unique combination of Nerio’s passion for innovation and technology with sports that naturally led to the creation of the brand’s name.


The concept of modern Wellness

In 1993, in an industry entirely dominated by fitness and bodybuilding stereotypes, Nerio went on to define the concept of modern Wellness. Inspired by a philosophy with profound Italian roots, “Mens sana in corpore sano” (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”), he launched a new lifestyle idea based on regular physical exercise, a positive mental approach, and healthy nutrition.

The pioneering vision of the Alessandri family narrates an Italian story of perseverance, made of faith in innovation, pure passion for design, and attention to detail to create tomorrow’s most avant-garde solutions.


Technogym, changing the industry

Today, Technogym is a leading brand in the Wellness industry, targeting the fitness, sports and health sectors with its products and digital technologies.
In offering a complete ecosystem of interconnected smart equipment, digital services, on-demand training sessions and apps, it allows users to access a completely personalized training experience anywhere and at any time: at home, at the gym or on the go.

Over 55 million people train with Technogym daily in over 85,000 wellness centers and 500,000 private homes around the globe. As the go-to brand for celebrities and sports champions, it was also featured as the official Olympic Games supplier in the last eight editions.

A contemporary social opportunity

In 2003, following twenty years of international experience in the industry, Nerio Alessandri created the Wellness Foundation: a nonprofit organization to promote the culture and positive impact of a wellness-oriented lifestyle through regular physical exercise.

So far, the foundation has been active in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna where it was first born. It supports the Wellness Valley project with the aim of establishing the first-ever ‘Wellness and quality of life district’ in the world, collaborating with the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization, among other institutions.

Pioneering views on
wellness by Nerio


Choose to live well! The philosophy of the man behind Technogym

The first book by Nerio Alessandri, presenting the manifesto of the Wellness Lifestyle and its benefits on both individuals and society.


History and Culture of Living Well

An analysis of the issue of wellness from different perspectives, rediscovering its historical roots, finding similarities throughout the world, and identifying the multiple implications of wellness in life.


De Arte Gymnastica

A prestigious re-edition of ‘De Arte Gymnastica’, the first publication on sports medicine written in 1569 by Girolamo Mercuriale, an Italian doctor.


Born to Move

From the garage of a small house in the Italian countryside to the Wellness Economy. Nerio Alessandri shares his story as a wellness forerunner and his vision for long-term sustainable development.


Be Wellness!

The contemporary re-edition of ‘Wellness: Choose to live well! The philosophy of the man behind Technogym’, which integrates the Wellness vision with new scientific evidence and digital technologies.

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